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Well-being Wisdom

Supporting The Triple Bottom Line:

People – Planet – Profit

Developing powerful people is the foundation, but there’s a problem…

Monique’s conclusion from coaching 250 professionals and speaking to 3000:  The underlying problem is overwhelming work loads and poor coping skills, leaving them physically and emotionally depleted. How can they possibly do their best?

The solution involves cutting-edge business practices and integrative wellness solutions emerging in the new corporate paradigm, starting with developing inner wisdom and mindfulness. (See blog posts.)

Executive Coaching

  • As a perk to retain top talent, providing support to achieve their goals mindfully
  • For managers and teams who face challenges in effective communication and emotional intelligence
  • To turn around challenging attitudes and behaviors
    • Fueled by stress, overwhelm, agitation, and power struggles

Wellness Coaching

  • For executives, administrative assistants, and everyone in between
  • To improve performance and re-engage people
  • To reduce costs related to sick leave, safety, and turnover
  • Focused on exercise, nutrition, weight loss, stress, and work-life issues

Workshops & Keynotes

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Communication and Coaching Skills
  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Conflict and Anger Management
  • Personality Patterns & Strategies for Teamwork
  • Stress Management
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Health & Wellness:  Exercise, nutrition, weight loss, and sleep

Women’s Empowerment

Presentations and workshops for women’s networks to cultivate wiser leadership

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