Well-being Wisdom

Mindfulness for
Enlightened Solutions.


Whether you’re stressed about politics, harassment, deadlines or difficult people, the possibility is for you to enjoy life more than you can imagine. Mindfulness tools and wisdom practices offer an enlightened perspective and profound equanimity.

I’ve worked with hundreds of professionals and spoken to thousands of people about ancient traditions that are now cutting-edge business practices and integrative wellness solutions. (See Wisdom 2.0, 1440 Multiversity)



Wisdom and compassion. Decisions are easier. Challenges diminish. Harmony prevails. Health comes into balance. I’ve been on this path, reaping the rewards for 25 years. Progress happens immediately.

Speaking & Mentoring Topics

  • Enlightened Feminine & Masculine Leadership
  • Consciously Courageous Communication
  • Wise Women’s Empowerment
  • Basic / Advanced Mindfulness
  • Corporate Wellness / Stress


Mentoring Program:  Life in the Zen Lane

If you’re living in the fast lane, concerned about how fast you’re going and how many accidents you’ve had, it might be time to slow down, look at your road map and take a different route. Here’s an overlook on the Mentoring page.


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