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Well-being at Cisco

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Well-being Wisdom

Be wise. Be free.

Mindfulness mentoring for the busy professional.


Monique’s discovery from coaching 250 professionals (many IBMers) and speaking to 3000 people:  Their most common challenge is stressful workloads, leaving them physically and emotionally depleted. How can people possibly make good decisions, relate well, and be healthy in that condition?

As a Certified Mindful Coach since 2001, Monique provides solutions based on mindfulness and cultivating wisdom. They involve cutting-edge business practices and integrative wellness solutions emerging in the new corporate paradigm. (See Wisdom 2.0 and blog posts here.) 


Mental clarity, physical vitality and emotional equanimity.

Coaching & Speaking Topics

  • Mindfulness
  • Women’s Wisdom
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Wellness & Stress Management

Women’s Wisdom in Leadership

Presentations and workshops for women’s networks to cultivate wiser leadership. Monique is the founder of San Diego Women of Vision & Action. She speaks to corporate women’s groups and leads women’s circles.

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