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Well-being at Cisco

Guided Meditation

Well-being Wisdom


Mindfulness is the foundation for

wise decisions, good relationships & well-being.


Monique’s discovery from coaching 250 professionals (mostly IBMers) and speaking to 3000 people:  Their most common underlying problem is the pressure from work loads, leaving them physically and emotionally depleted. How can people possibly make good decisions, relate well, and be healthy in that condition?

As a Certified Mindful Coach since 2001, Monique provides solutions based on mindfulness and cultivating wisdom. They involves cutting-edge business practices and integrative wellness solutions emerging in the new corporate paradigm. (See Wisdom 2.0 and blog posts here.) 


Monique evokes 3 types of solutions:

  1. Practical solutions ~ identify action steps to resolve the particular problem at hand
  2. Wellness solutions ~ prioritize enjoyable action steps for health and well-being to maximize resilience to problems
  3. Wisdom solutions ~ distinguish the “small self” perspective from the “wise self” perspective to develop a higher way of seeing problems. As mindfulness increases, wisdom is reflected in decisions, relationships and well-being.


(privately or through the organization)

  • For executives and engineers, administrators and assistants alike
  • To provide support on achieving goals and resolve challenges
  • To improve performance through rejuvenation and re-engagement
  • To reduce costs related to lack of motivation, energy, and physical vitality
  • Includes mindfulness of life/work priorities, as well as the stress that throws them off balance
  • Includes wellness basics:  exercise, nutrition, weight loss, and sleep

Workshops & Keynotes

  • Mindfulness and Meditation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Stress Management
  • Communication and Coaching Skills
  • Conflict and Anger Management
  • Personality Patterns & Strategies for Teamwork
  • Work-Life Balance / Time to “have a life”
  • Health & Wellness:  Exercise, nutrition, weight loss, and sleep

Women’s Empowerment

Presentations and workshops for women’s networks to cultivate wiser leadership. Monique is the founder of San Diego Women of Vision & Action. Her co-facilitator, leadership council and she grew it to 300 members in two years.

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