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Shy or self-conscious? That’s stressful too.

At dance yesterday, a guy from the SF Chronicle came. Sylvie Minot so beautifully honored us by inviting the shy people to the far side of the room. While some of us stayed and did our best to “let go” and dance normally, so he could get a representative photo of dance.

He was packing up his cameras, when a couple of us encouraged him to come out to the floor and dance. I said, “You can’t really write about it unless you experience it.” He said, “No, no, I’m shy.” I said, “2/3rds of the people out there are shy. Just come try a little?” Lori Saltzman, with her gentle mastery, nudged him a little too and he acquiesced. He was greeted with exuberant hooting and hollering and warm smiles. How could he not love that?!

As one who was shy and self-conscious (still), I hid my dancing in high school, then in my 20s swung to the other extreme in bars (with a buzz going)…showing off for the boys. Either way consumes so much energy.

By the grace of Zen and 5Rhythms, my practice has since been to see and feel pure essence underneath the monkey mind of stressful thinking….allowing essence to dance me. Even when ego hijacks the dance at times…guess what? That’s okay with pure nature too. This is unconditional love.

It’s actually beautiful to see and be seen…to allow the personality to live thru me (us). It was a shocker when I realized it was okay to be outrageous and playful…and, yes, even sensual and sexy! To navigate between hiding and showing off, while allowing the innocent human stress to be there too. This is liberation.

Thank you Adya, Lori, Sylvie, and all my teachers!

My facebook postings are usually an exploration of these edges…as well as using life stories to explore consciousness. It can feel risky, as people will interpret my / our activity thru their own filters. That’s okay too. We’re all navigating the best we can.