Pearls of Wisdom

Well-being at Cisco

Guided Meditation


A Unique Approach

Powerful questions reveal blind spots and awaken mindfulness and wisdom.  As clarity increases and tools are implemented, mindful behavior increases, and a sense of equanimity results. Monique’s genuine care allows for a trusting, open dialogue.



Life in the Zen Lane

So you’re slowing down to consider shifting into The Zen Lane?  Others are still hooked on the speed of The Fast Lane, which inevitably leads to more accidents. You will experience these Promises to the degree of engagement in the mindfulness Priorities.


  1. Wisdom to realize what’s really going on underneath it all
  2. Love to connect deeply
  3. Compassion to be kind to yourself and others
  4. Resilience to bounce back
  5. Courage to stand firmly
  6. Vitality to feel alive in your body
  7. Purpose to uniquely contribute to humanity
  8. Trust to let go of attachments
  9. Equanimity to exude peace and freedom
  10. Gratitude to enjoy the profound gifts in life

Simply put, you will enjoy more mental clarity, physical vitality, and emotional equanimity. They are the foundation for the rest.



1. Principles for clear thinking

Principles are tools that help you discern between the two main driving forces within you. One gives you a really good high, but also runs you into the ground and creates stress and discord. The other force has a higher perspective. It’s like x-ray vision into the cause of unpleasant experiences. Mindfully navigating these two forces helps resolve stress and guides you to true happiness.

2. Practices for embodying the Principles

Mindfulness and wellness practices and tools help take clarity of mind to the level of embodiment. Understanding the Principles is part of the solution. However, you need tools to resolve negative thoughts and emotions in the moment and for long term quality-of-life.

3. Partnership for practical application

Partnership means having a support system — a mentor and peers — to help you navigate your blind spots and implement the Principles and Practices when challenged in life with, for example, responsibilities and disagreements relating to colleagues and loved ones. (Monique’s Mentoring is available for Partnership.)

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AAA Way ~ Awareness + Action + Acceptance

A primary tool in the Program to help you navigate difficulties mindfully.

Expand Awareness

  1. Situation awareness
  2. Other awareness
  3. Self awareness
    • Primary Motivation
    • Personality
    • Past Conditioning
    • Physical State
    • Presence

Take Wise Action

  1. Practical solutions
  2. Wellness solutions
  3. Wisdom solutions

Deepen Acceptance

You know you’ve accepted “it” when you feel calm and centered when you either reflect on it or talk with someone else about it.



  • Identify challenges, goals, objectives
  • Assess the situation
    • Discover obstacles – situation, systems, others, self
    • Explore values, personality, conditioning, experiences, strategies, patterns, assumptions, beliefs
    • Determine needs for progress
  • Provide support through
    • Expertise – to progress more effectively and efficiently
    • Inquiry and reflection – to see blind spots that sabotage good intentions
    • Focus and clarity – to stay on track with priorities
    • Exploration of obstacles – to not get stuck and give up
    • Brainstorming – to have an abundance of ideas to consider
  • Establish an action plan or action items
  • Provide accountability
  • Celebrate successes


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…I’ve since landed a promotion and enlisted Monique to coach a team member. I continue to receive positive feedback on my development from managers, peers and subordinates…and my wife. Monique is a wise woman. If you’re considering her coaching, it’s probably one of the best things you can do.

J.C., Director
Technology Operations