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Well-being at Cisco

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Monique’s delivery is unique, enthusiastic and powerful. She’s received kudos for being the best speaker at conferences and speaker-series. She uniquely bridges a rich blend of traditional and contemporary wisdom through a range of subjects. Titles below can be made more creative, depending on your audience. For example, many groups have enjoyed the title “Life in the Zen Lane” as a stress management workshop.


Women’s Wisdom
Emotional Intelligence
Dealing with Difficult People
Wellness & Stress Management


Well-being Wisdom for the Workplace

Most people yearn for more time and energy to enjoy daily life more, while being more effective. They want to stress less, exercise more, eat better and go to bed earlier. The problem is they’re overloaded with things to do. Explore the two forces that drive behavior, and how to cultivate the wiser one.  Enjoy a fresh approach to well-being.


Moving Mountains

Dealing with difficult people

Awareness is the first domain of emotional intelligence and is the centerpiece of communicating with difficult people. Through deeper observation of ourselves and others, the mystery begins to unravel. We see what motivates behavior and, therefore, don’t get caught as easily in the jaws of conflict. The one with a wider perspective and open mind will navigate this territory with more agility and success. This journey calls for effective tools, not native to this land. Imagine a language with curiosity instead of judgement…with requests instead of demands…with respect instead of manipulation. This contains the power to move mountains.


Wisdom for Leadership

A trend in Corporate America

Learn about trends shared by executives at Google, Facebook, Twitter, Cisco and Stanford at Wisdom 2.0 conferences. Great leaders embody a power that comes from emotional intelligence and wisdom vs. control, greed and fear. This inherent wisdom provides exceptional guidance and creates extraordinary results. Easier said than done? Not with the right guidance and tools.


Leadership with Women’s Wisdom

A different kind of power

Women have a natural wisdom and compassion that is often contaminated by attempting to imitate masculine leadership. Our leadership has its own strength and beauty, and it’s greatly needed to bring balance in our organizations and communities. We can find more peaceful solution. We can influence and invite men to rethink harsher ways. How?  Explore the two forces within that drive behavior. Cultivate mental clarity, physical vitality, and emotional equanimity. When working with wisdom, we’ll blow their socks off!


Next Step

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I was so pleased with Monique’s coaching that I recruited her to speak for a monthly program offered by my company. Her topic drew 170 people (including IP TV), and one of our committee members claimed she was the best speaker of the year.

Jennifer Alexander, Manager
Fortune 100 Company